Insurance and Self-pay


We currently accept the following insurances:




Anthem Healthkeepers



Benefits are verified prior to starting services. It is recommended that you obtain any coverage details such as copay/deductible/co-ins amounts prior to your first session.


All self-pay clients are required to sign a Good Faith Estimate prior to starting sessions. For further information on this please see Practice Announcements.

60 mins $130.00 (standard therapy session)

45 mins $110.00

30 mins $80.00

We offer a sliding scale for services on a case by case scenario. The qualification is based on the current Federal Poverty Income Guideline, household size and total household yearly income. Please contact us for further information.


We apply a 2% swipe fee to all credit card transactions.

Payments for in office sessions only may be made by check, cash or credit card.

All telehealth services, reports, etc. are to be paid with a credit card.

HSA/FSA payments are accepted via a credit card issued to the client/member or check.

We do not accept virtual credit card payments from 3rd party payors. All payments must be issued as check payable to EverWhen Therapy, LLC.

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